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Everything starts with the BEST COCONUTS.

Our coconuts are grown in the tropics, in the mountains of southern Philippines. Nourished by nature, fully ripened by the sun, and handpicked by farmers daily, with only the best mature nuts harvested and processed for our products.

Fresh Fruit Ingredients, Inc. has developed the processing techonology and the manufacturing expertise since it commenced operations in 1991. This is the best assurance that our products are produced in strict compliance with international food safety and good manufacturing practices.

The processing plant is located in Medina in Nothern Mindanao, approximately 900km south Manila.It is located among rich verdant coconut plantation and the sea, supported by a very strong community spirit, a productive labor force and a professional technical and management team.


Our processing facilities are GMP, HACCP, and BRC certified by accredited international certifying organizations. Our documentation protocols comply with ISO 9002 standards. We have established collaborative audit programs with our major clients, all of whom are respected food manufacturers carrying world brands.

Coconut ingredients adapted to your specific needs!

Fresh Fruit Ingredients Inc. (FFII) is a continuing tradition of excellence. FFII is an affliate of Fiesta Brands Inc., a world class manufacturer of disccated coconut, as well as sweetened and toasted coconut for the confectionery and banking industries.

FFII is a company steeped in tradition, but ever focused in creating innovative ways to provide new and intermediate ingredients to serve the ever demanding needs of the world food industry.

R&D: Adapting our coconut ingredients to your specific needs


We have taken a very focused approach in developing the specifications of our products, anticipating the needs of food processors in the confectionery, bakery and beverage industries for good quality coconut ingredients, in a form convenient to use in large scale commercial operations.

We believe our standard product formulations have gained widespread acceptance with food processors in the development of new consumer products over the years.

We are prepared to provide technical advice, and customize the attributes and specifications of our products to suit your intended application. We can also provide ready and tested formulations for new products using our ingredients.

We extend technical consultancy and services to address potential production concerns in using our products.

Fiesta Tropicalé

Fiesta Tropicalé is our brand offering for a whole range of coconut products for the whole family! To enchance life... To enhance the spirit,

From ready-to-drink natural and fruit-flavored Coconut Water, to full-flavored Coconut Milk for culinary use to the exotic Piña Colada mix ideal for smoothies and cocktail drinks.

Contract Packing: Your Brand, Our Expertise

Through the years we have developed a special collaboration with brand owners who have the marketing organization and distribution network, but require our manufacturing expertise to make their products available to their consumers.

It is a kind of collaboration we have carefully developed with brand owners over the years.